Human Relations Service Counseling Services

HRS is the private, non-profit mental health agency serving families and children in Wellesley, Weston, and Wayland. Our mission is to heal lives and strengthen our community: to treat, reduce, and prevent mental illness and to support the well-being of children, families, and institutions in our towns.

Our clinical service offers a broad range of outpatient diagnosis, crisis intervention, and treatment to any resident. We are the principal provider of outpatient mental health services in the three towns, serving hundreds of individuals each year.

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In consideration of public health recommendations, HRS is providing its full range of services in-person. If you would like to reach a member of our staff, please call us at 781-235-4950.

Information about HRS’s response to the pandemic as well as COVID-19 resources.

Our History

Serving since 1948

HRS was the first community mental health agency in the nation — not the first facility to treat psychiatric illness, but the first to adopt the mental health of a community as its mission and to provide systematic programs that foster coping. It was founded by Erich Lindemann, MD, and a group of local citizens to apply the findings of Dr. Lindemann’s pioneering research in the areas of psychosomatic illness, grief, and crisis intervention. Much that is now standard in the treatment of grief, in crisis intervention, and in the practice of community mental health and consultation was developed at HRS by Lindemann and his colleagues.