HRS provides a wide range of consultation services to schools in Wellesley, Weston, and Wayland, and throughout Greater Boston. HRS staff meet regularly with teachers, guidance counselors, special educators, and administrators, among others, to help them in their work with students and with one another. Consultants also respond when there is a crisis at a school. And they offer seminars and workshops for educators on a variety of topics in education and mental health.

For HRS, consultation is a key part of our effort to prevent and reduce mental illness—an opportunity to extend mental health expertise to a wide spectrum of the community by enhancing the skills of educators, whom we have always seen as being on the front lines of mental health. For educators, our consultation helps them in their efforts to support the growth and well-being of children and to enhance their own professional growth, as well.

School consultation services are led by Lindsay Steinsieck, Psy.D. For further information about HRS’s school consultation service, call Dr. Steinsieck at 781-235-4950, or email her at revansathrshelps [dot] org (lsteinsieck[at]hrshelps[dot]org).

School Outreach Workers

HRS provides skilled outreach clinicians who work in local schools alongside their staff to help middle school and high school students who need extra assistance with social-emotional issues.