Facilitated by Julia Moskowitz, Psy.D .and James Kuper, Psy.D.

The loss of a loved one can bring about life’s most profound experiences of suffering. Now, coping with these very personal tragedies has been further complicated by the changing social dynamics brought about by COVID-19. The isolation, disrupted rituals of mourning, and the existential ambiguity of the moment have upended the way we experience and cope with loss. This Community Support Forum offers an opportunity to join others who are similarly trying to navigate the challenges of this period. We will aim to address a range of topics, including: strategies for identifying and seeking support you need; coping with overwhelming emotions; coping with the ways in which grief is shaping your world; creating new rituals to help you say goodbye and mark the passing of time since your loss; coping with the ways in which aspects of your grief may need to be postponed; mourning the lost opportunity to have been present at a loved one’s death.