Facilitated by Kiley Gottschalk, Psy.D. and Tracey Hurd, Ph.D.

Caring for a loved one with COVID-19 or with COVID-19 related challenges (i.e. quarantining, special health safety needs, etc.) is uniquely challenging. This forum will provide a space to talk openly about the often-conflicting emotions (including love, anger, despair, joy, and others) that arise when providing this care. The group welcomes people actively caring for others, as well as those with past experience. Family caregivers often provide treatments, monitor symptoms, work to prevent disease spreading, and act as gatekeepers about practices of isolating and quarantining. Many feel ill-equipped to offer this care, despite the need to do so. Concern about our own possibility of infection, uncertainty about recovery of the COVID-19-involved family member, complex feelings of stigma, and mental and physical exhaustion can be overwhelming. Many caregivers suffer from burn-out or “compassion fatigue.” This forum will provide compassionate facilitated discussion with an emphasis on increasing caregiver support and self-care. Participants will be encouraged to share their stories.