Facilitated by Linda Galper, LICSW

Please contact Linda Galper at lgalperathrshelps [dot] org for more information.

Grandparents across the country are currently “grounded” from seeing their grandchildren who may be so near yet so far. However, being apart does not mean staying unconnected as grandparents and grandchildren turn to technology and other means to keep their relationship strong. Staying connected with their grandchildren allows grandparents to maintain their ties and lessen feelings of isolation. Grandparents can also help their own children who may be working from home and trying to cope with homeschooling and increased childcare demands. This HRS Community Support Forum offers the opportunity for grandparents to share ideas and support one another. We will explore together a range of topics and strategies, including: reading stories on FaceTime or zoom; helping with homework assignments; share cooking class; play interactive games; tell jokes; create “cousins time”; have a talent night; or share movie night.