• Internet Safety Priorities, Mark J. Kline, Psy.D.
    Here's a checklist for parents to help them protect their children.
  • Internet Socializing: Tips for Elementary School Parents, Mark J. Kline, Psy.D.
    Increasing numbers of elementary school-aged children are socializing on the internet. Using instant messaging, email, chat rooms, and other techniques, they can communicate with school friends as well as strangers. Unfortunately, parents are often unaware of this “virtual social life” until trouble begins.
  • Questions to Ask About Internet Security Software, Mark J. Kline, Psy.D.
    Internet screening software is not the whole answer to managing internet use in your family. It is no substitute for parental attention and oversight, communication, clear rules, limits and expectations, and knowing your child well. However, internet filtering or monitoring software can be a useful component of your family’s internet use plan, and by some reports, over a third of all families use it.