Pediatric Consultation Service

HRS offers a special consultation/referral service to a number of local pediatric practices. This service is led by HRS’s Chief Social Worker, Janice Tuckman, LICSW. It helps physicians better assess and serve the mental health needs of their patients. HRS staff are available to consult about children when pediatricians have particular questions, and when a mental health referral is indicated, HRS provides a networking resource within the greater community to match families with appropriate therapists both at HRS and elsewhere.

For further information about HRS’s Pediatric Consultation service, call Mrs. Tuckman at 781-235-4950.

Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) provides free, short-term, confidential counseling to help employees cope with job tensions, personal and family pressures, alcohol and substance abuse, and a number of other life issues. By enabling employees to better manage such concerns, an EAP helps reduce staff accidents, absenteeism, lateness, and turnover. It also helps lower stress-based illness and costly improves employees' health, well-being, and performance, it is a program that effectively pays for itself, making it truly an ideal benefit.

The EAP programs at HRS provide:

  • counseling - up to 10 free confidential visits per employee per year
  • education - programs on health, stress management and other relevant topics
  • consultation – advice and coaching for managers about personnel and other challenges